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Pairing: Spike/Xander, mentions of Spike, Buffy, Willow friendship

Rating: R overall

Warning: Character death...sort of

Summary: Ten years after Sunnydale's destruction, Spike returns to the ruins. Chasing his lover on All Souls' Night, when the dead can return and walk amongst the living, Spike will do whatever he must to get Xander back.

A/N: Written for [profile] fall_for_sx  . Thanks to my beta,[personal profile] kidcyclone  , for putting up with my complete insanity while writing this. Also, a big thank you to [personal profile] virtualpersonal  for her inspiration over at [profile] waywardbunnies  . I've twisted her plot bunny completely out of shape, but it was still the inspiration!

“Oh for the love of hell, ” Spike groaned. “Can’t a bloke get a decent bit of mojo any more? Used to be, one little spell’d do the trick. Now it’s all fancy light shows and showy powdered bits but no real power.”

“That’s me?” Xander asked. “Evil me? Huh. Wills was right. Definitely skanky. Wow, who knew?”

Spike laughed, the sound pealing through the wavering outlines of the cemetery. He couldn’t imagine anyone other than a Scooby focusing on their vampiric appearance. It was just such a Xander thing to do that it threw the vampire version into sharp relief. Nothing about the vampire was Xander, and it never would be.

“Too true, luv,” Spike agreed and turned around. Xander stood next to himself, and the differences between them were heightened. Xander’s eyes sparkled with warmth and laughter, unlike the flat malicious glitter that shone out of the vampire. “Still, you have to give him credits for trying. Evil isn’t a look everyone can pull off, after all. “

“Let me guess,” Xander said dryly. “The leather can stay, but he should invest in bleach?”

“Oi!” Spike protested. “Already had my look stolen once. Don’t fancy another look-alike.”

The vampire didn’t speak, didn’t move. He simply stood there, body loose and at ease as they bantered back and forth. Spike admitted to himself that seeing all that power bound up in his lover’s rangy form was intoxicating. Despite the absence of his soul, the vampire was beautiful and in a strange way, more sensually enticing. Spike knew that the lack of soul was freeing. Once you lost your moral compass, you no longer worried about the mustn’ts that troubled the living. Xander without his shining armor was deadly and delicious.

“Uh-oh,” Xander murmured, staring thoughtfully at Spike. “I know that look.”

“So do I,” his vampiric double smirked. “Think he’ll wait for you to turn around before he gives it to me?”

“Nah,” Xander replied easily. “I think he’ll stake you right in front of me. In fact, I’m sort of hoping he will.”

“I go, you go” the vampire pointed out calmly.

Xander snorted, rolling his eyes. Somehow he always figured he’d be cooler as a vampire. This guy was like a cheap B-movie villain. He should have known better. Even his super suave alternate self had ended up as a dork.

“Not much of an issue,” Xander told him. “Willow’s off re-souling Buffy as we speak, so I’m pretty much just killing time waiting for them to kill you.”

“The Slayer lost her soul,” the vampire chuckled. “Now that’s something I’d like to see.”

“No,” Buffy said softly. “I really don’t think you do.”

She and Willow walked over to Spike, standing shoulder to shoulder with the blonde vampire. Spike looked at them, one eyebrow raised. Willow shook her head fractionally, but smiled broadly at Xander.

“A soulless Slayer,” Buffy continued” is a cranky Slayer. She’s mean and hard and she has absolutely no problems with pounding you into an unrecognizable pulp just for wearing her best friend’s face.”

The vampire simply nodded, his flat eyes sweeping her from head to toe. He leapt forward, kicking Buffy’s legs out from under her. As she fell, he dove for her neck, fangs bared. With a sigh, Spike yanked him backwards, hand around his throat and a stake placed directly over his heart.

“Oh yeah,” Xander said smilingly. “That’s my Big Bad.”

Spike smirked at that statement but he didn’t loosen his grip on the vampire. He just looked at Willow, who nodded.

“Xander,” she said softly. “I need you to stand next to him. The spell doesn’t require close proximity, but it doesn’t hurt, either. I do need your consent, though. Do you wish to return to this plane, to re-inhabit your body from now until your meet your final end?”

Xander looked at Spike, and Spike stiffened. He didn’t think he could handle it if Xander answered no. His hand trembled, and he knew that if he couldn’t have Xander back, he’d use the stake on both of them.

“Yes,” Xander finally said, voice firm. “I do.”

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Again, love the use of humor to soften a very very tense situation. Great pacing of the story, btw. *holds breath as goes to read next chapter*


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