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So, I made [personal profile] mithril_56  a new banner. The original one wasn't bad (I can say that, I made that one too), but I think I've gotten better at manipping and I'd rather see someone with something really good instead of just not bad. So, by a sort of request (she mentioned a few things she might like and I went crazy with it), here's the new banner....

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[profile] spankspike  will be 18 and 3/4 soon, which is a perfect reason to celebrate because Mistress the Spanks? She is beautiful and funny and she writes the best pr0n...that and she puts up with me as her co-mod. I know, isn't she a saint?

And every saint needs a devil....
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Okay, if you haven't read Higher Learning, you totally need to read it now! I'm not a big fan of AU Human, but this is H-O-T. Like smokin' hot, like monitor steaming hot...go off and have a private moment afterwards hot! In honor of this incredible story (and it's hopefully soon to be sequels), I made [personal profile] darklingdawns  a little banner...Have a look see...

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This is for [profile] athenewolfe  and [profile] raemcn , my best Fang Girls. They're both feeling blah and down lately, so here's a little pic and a drabble to (hopefully) cheer them up!

Pairing: Spike/Buffy

Rating: PG/Worksafe

Counting Crows... )

And the picture, just for my girls....

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K...feeling kind of down right now. Long story and really not worth going into. This is my fandom journal, not my crybaby journal. That I host on my very own paid for bandwith...Anyways, two pics here. The first one is for [personal profile] clawofcat  , and her soon to be finished scary hot Spaith fic...and if she doesn't like this one, I'll be back with another.....
I could have anyone... )

This is was inspired by the [profile] darker_spike  call for summer images. My poor British Isles pals apparently think the sun is an evil myth designed to taunt those who live in a Tupperware™ environment. I assure you lovelies, the sun does really exist. To prove it, here's Spike gallivanting through Egypt....

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Who doesn't love Tam? Seriously, she's sweet and funny and talented and did I mention the evil snark? Yeah, it's like that...This is just for her, cuz she's cool like that :)
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So, I really really really need to shut down Photoshop and start writing. I'm pledged for three ficathons, I have two WiPs, I need to get of my lazy ass and use my ninja cut/paste skills so poor [profile] athenewolfe  doesn't go berserk from uploading all by her lonesome, and oh yeah, econ final is next week. See why I need to step away from the Photoshop?

But, I'm having such fun....
Heroism... )

Father (NSFW).... )

Now do you see why I don't wanna write?
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You know, there are lots of different awards out there. I've seen awards for Best Cheerleader, Best Awards Site, Best Author and the list goes on. So, there's no dearth of awards for the fantabulous work done by the many many people in fandom. But, I want to focus on just one person: The Mistress of Fang Fetish, UncagedMuse.


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