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Pairing: Adelle/Topher

Rating: NC-17

Summary: She touches him with icy hands, her rough pinches and pokes abrading his already tender skin. There’s a certain excitement in these harsh preliminaries. Topher and Adelle - in a certain slant of light.

A/N: So, I went looking for Adelle/Topher D/s fic and fandom, I am disappoint. Where is the fucked up fic to match their OMG fucked up dynamic? Well, it's here. Un-beta'd because I don't know anyone who does Dollhouse and kinked out to heck and back. Feedback always welcome!

Doesn't matter what he calls hers - she owns him... )
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Pairing: Faith/Object

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith sneaks in to Buffy's room and makes herself very comfortable.

A/N: Incorporates the [ profile] kink_bingo prompt object penetration (objects not designed for sex). Thanks to my beta [ profile] anxiety_junkie for her hard work.

Buffy won't be back all weekend... )
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Pairing: Spike/Drusilla

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Spike finds a way to give Drusilla what Angelus never can - the beating of her heart.

A/N: So, back when I was sifting through poems for [ profile] still_grrr's lit challenge, I re-read Whitman's I sing the body electric. It didn't fit that challenge, but it inspired me to write some electro-stim kink which reminded me of that Angel episode where Gwen shocks Angel's heart into beating which made me want to write vampiric Victorian electro-stim porn with almost no sex in it. So that's what this is.

Beta'ed by the extremely forgiving and incredibly generous [ profile] anxiety_junkie whom I must confess I keep wanting to call noandwhere out of habit.

Dru loves the novelty of new toys, human or mechanical... )

And if you're interested, an example of the electric kiss machine (also known as an influence machine or Wimhurst machine) can be found here and the video demonstration (with a great explanation of how it works) can be found here
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Pairing: Spike/Dawn/Xander

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Spike’s got all his duckies lined up just so this time and he’s not about to let Angel spoil it for him. A story of an evil Spike, a sexually enslaved Dawn AND Xander, plus enough kink to really bring it back.

A/N: A sort-of follow on of my story Trespass Sweetly Urged which is itself a sort-of follow on of Five Flavors of Sunnydale Sin (the bitter drabble). Yeah, it's a circuitous route but the point is I GOT MY KINK BACK. Thanks go to [ profile] anxiety_junkie for her brave beta work, even in the face of extreme kink.

In the beginning, he had to keep Dawn chained... )
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Title: Homecoming

Pairing: Angel/Spike/Drusilla

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Coming back from Hell isn't always a release from the torment. Drusilla, Angel and Spike attempt to connect and exorcise their ghosts in the only way they know how. Comics canon compliant through Angel: Aftermath #25. Mild spoilers through the same.

A/N: This was my attempt to bring the kink back. It took a month to write and I got tangled in characterization while I was trying to get their freak on. OH PORN! HOW COULD YOU DO ME THUSLY? The first person to pun that will get an actual PwP of their choosing, subject to my own squicks and ability to write chosen characters/situations.

Do you remember, Angelus, how we played when we were in tune? )


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