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So, I did a little entry for the [ profile] sparkandburn collage challenge. I like incorporating typographical elements into my art and this was a fun challenge - trying fit the required elements into the design rather than designing around the required elements.

After I posted it, I started thinking about doing something similar for Xander. He's probably the most flexible character, in terms of identity. Certainly he's played a wider variety of roles than the others and I decided to do a few collages based on those roles. All the text is from Xander's dialogue during the relevent episodes: The Wish, Halloween, The Pack, and Potentials.

So, here's a quartet of collages In The Key of X: )


Nov. 5th, 2009 07:31 am
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The results are in for [ profile] wicked_awards and I am full of squee! I won Runner-Up for Best Whedonverse Wallpaper for Divided and I won Best Whedonverse Banner for Invisible Life. I am so super-excited!

I also won a lovely award (and some equally lovely comments) for a story I wrote for [ profile] girlpire, an Angel/Darla fic entitled Between the spirit and the dust. The award,which is awesomely lovely, comes with some very, very moving judge's comments:

The history between Angel and Darla is so rich that any moment explored in AtS gives you the chills. This is such a climatic moment in their lives, so human, the perfect dramatic piece that more people need to discover.

I'm stuck on WOW. Just so you know. For reals. I want to thank everyone at [ profile] wicked_awards for their hard work. Thanks to the judges and the artists who made all these lovely banners which are under the cut! )

I also want to congratulate all of my flisties who won including [ profile] clawofcat, [ profile] snowpuppies, [ profile] velvetwhip, and [ profile] deird1 on their well-deserved awards. Thanks also to all the members (and maintainers) of [ profile] still_grrr. I'm on an enforced art break, but I haven't forgotten you guys! Without that community, my art would not be award-worthy and I owe them all a big debt of gratitude for running such inspiring challenges and for taking the time to con-crit and comment on my art. THANK YOU!
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Okay, so...I haven't posted in awhile. I was working almost exclusively on my [ profile] remixredux09 entry and I did manage to finish. Since that was so exhausting, I've mainly been doodling around in PS (and working, slowly but surely, on the next chapter of Improvising Atonement which I may or may not have started writing back in JANUARY, for cripes sake).

I got a lot of inspiration from [ profile] still_grrr's music prompt and hopefully I'll get a chance to post these there. Plus, a certain adorable user who shall remain nameless in part because she changed her name and I can't remember the new one sent me some very inspiring files. I hope she enjoys what I did with them.

Text from Take this Waltz by Leonard Cohen, which I think is probably the best Spike/Drusilla song that could ever be.

Text from Save me by Jem.

Art courtesy of Buffy S8 comics: Long Way Home, Episode 2 and Long Way Home, Episode 4, Text from Fall/Back by Obadiah Parker.


Feb. 25th, 2009 08:21 am
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So I was working on a few submissions to [ profile] good_evil's art-a-thon. Except I think they're not very inspirational. I got a bit carried away in the playing with PS part and sort of stopped caring about the telling a story part. So I'll just post the rejects here (I did submit one banner!), mostly because I had so much fun making them.

They're all worksafe. Just click through to make the previews bigger!

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I'm not only stuck on Improvising Atonement, my break story The Hours is now clogged at 300 words. Clearly this calls for a refreshing art break. These were done for [ profile] still_grrr's Jumbled January prompt 102: Supernatural.


Title Reality Bleeds
A/N Text taken from William Butler Yeat's poems The Second Coming and Easter 1916

Anarchy is loosed upon the world... )

Title Divided
A/N Text by Oscar Wilde

Hell is empty and all the devils are here... )
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After seeing [ profile] vamptastica's fab naughty Spike, I got totes inspired to do some manipping of my own. A bit of nostalgia here, with a retro genderswitch Spike. I love a good genderswitch and girl!Spike is awfully fun...

He walks in beauty... )

Click through for the full size
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I'm not a Faith/Wes writer. I'm a big fan of Faith, a not-so big fan of Wes and I hardly ever write het (unless I love you or owe you money or something). But this idea was persistent. If anyone would like this banner customized, I can do that. I'd love to see a dark!fic written around this concept. I just don't see Faith/Wes ever being happy ('cuz I'm narrowminded like that).

What's worse... )


Feb. 17th, 2008 05:53 am
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A batch of new icons. Some Spike, some others. Credit to [ profile] awmp for the many, many things I've learned in those wonderful tutorials. Want, take, have...just gimme credit!

Aww! Pookie! )
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So, when I saw the base, I thought immediately of Spike. I'm on a such a daddy!kink kick right now and I haven't seen any new stories lately revolving around my favorite topic. Oh well...guess I'll have to write them myself! FmK re-opens on February 1st and I do have to finish that Spike/Xander daddy!kink story I started...

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Made for [personal profile] clawofcat  's Faith/Angel fic "By A Thread". Hope you enjoy it (when you get back from your vacation)!

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Phew! The manipping block is broken! I was starting to get worried it was permanent. This is just something I put together tonight because I love punked out Spike. Text is from a poem by Roethke, one of my very favorite poets.

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[personal profile] clawofcat wanted a Faith/Angel pic, and mentioned her Post-Orpheus fic. So, here it is and I hope you like it, hon! It's fairly large, so give a click for the full size and if you'd like it smaller, just say something!

There's nothing I won't do to save you... )
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Pairing: Vamp!Willow/Vamp!Tara

Rating: SFW/PG

A/N: Made for [community profile] still_grrr 's "Never Leave Me" prompt. I really like the idea of Wishverse Tara and this is my interpretation of her...

We can love well, if not wisely. )
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Since [profile] zoesmith  is both observant and swift on the comment button, she gets a pretty picture of her very own! She requested Darla/Dru, something very naughty. Hope this fits the bill, sweetie!

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Well, [personal profile] clawofcat  was bemoaning the lack of Illyria love in the fandom. She's right, too. Illyria gets no love...well, occasionally some tentacle love, but beyond that? Not much. So here's an oldie of mine that I made but never posted because there's no love for Illyria. This is part of my Gods and Heroes thingy that I started and like so much else, never finished. The others can be found here.

The text on the manip is taken from a lovely and poetic "Charge of the Dark Goddess" I found online...

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So, I made [personal profile] mithril_56  a new banner. The original one wasn't bad (I can say that, I made that one too), but I think I've gotten better at manipping and I'd rather see someone with something really good instead of just not bad. So, by a sort of request (she mentioned a few things she might like and I went crazy with it), here's the new banner....

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Done for [profile] nekid_spike 's Fancy Dress Halloween prompt challenge thingie. Inspired by the incredibly annoying "Godfather" commercial that ran every ten minutes for three days. Grr, I say and shake my fist at commercials that get stuck in your head...

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[ profile] hello_spikey did a fabulous off the books FmK request for me here. So, in return, because it was fabulous piece of fiction, I'm doing an off the books request for her.

So, by request: Shirtless smirking Spike...That Wicked Boy )
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Created for [community profile] still_grrr 's Wolfram and Hart prompt...Eve really understands the fruits of knowledge. SFW...


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