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Pairing: Spike/Xander, mentions of Spike, Buffy, Willow friendship

Rating: R overall

Warning: Character death...sort of

Summary: Ten years after Sunnydale's destruction, Spike returns to the ruins. Chasing his lover on All Souls' Night, when the dead can return and walk amongst the living, Spike will do whatever he must to get Xander back.

A/N: Written for [profile] fall_for_sx. Thanks to my beta,[personal profile] kidcyclone   , for putting up with my complete insanity while writing this. Also, a big thank you to [personal profile] virtualpersonal   for her inspiration over at[profile] waywardbunnies   . I've twisted her plot bunny completely out of shape, but it was still the inspiration!

Spike watched as Sunnydale rebuilt itself brick by brick. He hadn’t expected this and from the look on her face, he wasn’t sure Willow had either. He’d just figured Sunnydale would appear, or maybe shimmer into view like bloody Brigadoon. Instead, the town was quaking and clattering back to an approximation of life. Finally, the clank of the last brick sounded and before them was a real, if slightly transparent, Sunnydale.

“Wha...What just happened,” Buffy asked, pulling herself off the ground.

“Uhm.” Willow looked perplexed. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know.” Buffy replied, a flicker of annoyance settling on her features. “Well, that’s perfect. We have six hours to go in there, find Xander and bring him back and you don’t know what happened.”

Spike sighed. He’d known Buffy was likely to bollocks up the whole plan, but he’d hoped for a little more time to get things going. She’d argued against this from the beginning and again on the trip over, saying that Xander’s soul was at peace and this was no different then ripping her out of heaven.

“I don’t care,” Spike had told her. “He can do his bloody dance on the head of a pin some other time. Xander’s out there and I’m going to put this right, with or without you Slayer. So either help or stay out my bloody way.”

That had been that. Except for the constant low-level bitching that hummed between them every time the subject was brought up. Spike gave a mental shrug. He didn’t want to kill her and that was all that was likely to stop her, so he resigned himself to trying to talk her out of whatever it was that was bothering her now.

“Slayer,” he interrupted. “We’ve got six hours. Think you can walk and complain at the same time?”

With that, he straightened up and took a large step forward. The ground beneath his feet was vaguely unstable, almost swampy. He supposed that was to do with whatever magic had brought it back. Magic was dicey on the best of terms and this wasn’t exactly the best of terms. All he could do was hope Red’s mojo kept the place from disappearing.

“Coming?” he asked over his shoulder.

Willow strode forward to stand beside him. This was her best chance at saving Xander and she wasn’t going to waste it. No matter what Buffy said, Xander wasn’t at peace. She’d traced his soul to ruins of Sunnydale and she was going to install it in his undead body if it killed her.

She understood why Buffy was worried. The act of pulling Buffy from heaven had left the Slayer…altered in some way Willow couldn’t quite put into words. She thought maybe not all of Buffy came back, that part of Buffy’s soul was missing. It was pure speculation and even if she could prove it, Willow wasn’t sure she wanted to. How could you tell your friend that she didn’t have all of her soul?

Xander was different. He wasn’t dead and his soul wasn’t in heaven. By no stretch of the imagination could Sunnydale be called heaven. It wasn’t Hell anymore, but it wasn’t heaven either.

Spike wandered down old familiar streets, taking in the sights. He drew up short when he saw a shopkeeper stroll out of the Magic Box, broom in hand. He knew that face. It was the woman he’d killed when he’d come back, pissed and bent on getting Dru back. He whirled around, desperate to escape.

“All Souls’ Night,” Willow murmured, her hand gripping his shoulder. “That’s why we’re here, Spike. Just relax and keep moving. We have to find Xander.”

Spike nodded, eyes trained warily on the woman now sweeping the front walk. In his momentary panic, he’d forgotten that this was part of the spell. For one night a year, the veil between the living and the dead was permeable. That night was All Souls’ Night, October 31st and for that night, the spirits of the dead could inhabit the earthly plane.

All around them, the town seemed to awaken, the streets gradually filling with the hustle and bustle of Sunnydale’s dead. Buffy let out a small cry and began to move away, Spike and Willow following after.

“Bloody hell,” Spike yelled, trying to push through the crowd. “We don’t have time for this, Slayer. We need to find Xander.”

“Go.” Willow pushed him away. “Call me when you find him. I’ll stay with Buffy.”

Spike snarled, but reluctantly nodded and stalked off. He wasn’t sure how he was supposed to find Xander in a town suddenly bursting with people. He started off towards Xander’s old house, stopped suddenly and changed direction. No reason to think Xan would be hanging around his parent’s house. No good memories, nothing to tie him there. The apartment, then, he decided, moving briskly for a few paces before stopping again. Xander probably wouldn’t be sitting in his empty apartment, waiting for Spike to show up.

Spike threw up his hands, growling in frustration. “Bugger me. Xander, where the fuck are you?”

“You never did have any patience, Bleach Boy,” a familiar voice purred.

Spike’s shoulders slumped, a shudder of disgust running through him. It had been too much to hope that he wouldn’t show up, that he hadn’t gotten wind of what they were doing. There wasn’t much chance this would end well now, but Spike had to try. If he didn’t, if he had to fight, there was no chance at all. Impossible bloody odds a specialty, he chuckled grimly to himself.

“Nah,” Spike replied, turning to face Xander. “ Patience is for whelps with no chance of getting what they want. They call it patience so nobody realizes it just means they’re settling for whatever they can get.”

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Heee, "can you walk and complain at the same time?" Love the interjection of humor, and very very Spike-like comment.


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