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Pairing: Spike, Angel

Rating: PG

Summary: He can’t imagine Angel listening to anyone long enough to really be any help. Might not have time left to do his hair. How a call gets connected.

Original Story: Dial N for Nancy-Boy by [ profile] deird1

A/N: Created for the Remix Madness 'Thon/Fest/Thing

Souled or not, he hasn’t had any kind words for Spike... )
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Pairing: Spike, Drusilla

Rating: PG-13

Summary: He’s not her Boy Nightmare anymore, ready to paint the world in fire and blood to please his Princess. In a small motel room in Vegas, Spike begins to let go.

Original Story: Waiting in the Fog by [ profile] quinara

A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] anxiety_junkie for the hand-holding. There's nothing like a good friend to talk you down from a remix inspired panic attack - I mean, you still have the panic attack but at least they remind you to take deep breaths and use semi-colons.

Based on the Spike comics with spoilers for the whole series. Some dialogue taken from Issue # 4.

Her teeth sink playfully into the soft skin of his throat and he remembers that Drusilla doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the now... )
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This is painful. I have 50 words to go and this is like pulling teeth, y'all.

Random y'all aside: I saw a sign yesterday - lovely fresco done by a local Italian company - that said "Ciao Y'all". My husband would not let me buy it. He clearly sucks. That sign was AWESOME OMG.

This is Spike and Dru. Comics Spike and Dru. How is this hard for me? I actually think I know why - both this fic and the comics posit that at some point Spike ends up being totally over Dru and I just can't brain that.

In my head canon, Spike and Dru are always a part of each other - sometimes together, sometimes not, but indissolubly bound. I write Angel the same way: unable to be with them, but unable to stop loving them. It's very much in the model of the family experience of addicts and abusers - people you love do bad things and become people you cannot live with, but you don't stop loving them.

So this "I've let so many things go" bit messes me around like whoa. Which may explain why I am still 50 EFFING WORDS SHORT OF THE GOAL.

Random Link: I do not know HOW they managed it, but this Little Pony looks EXACTLY like Captain Jack Harkness. ADORABLE.
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Well, I've cracked 500 words and it's looking a little grim. The problem is the scene I'm rewriting to (not the fic, but the actual section of comics canon) isn't subtext - it's flat text. The characters already say all the words I'd probably have them say if I were writing it as fic, which sort of takes some of the air out of my tires.

So I'm stuck writing a mood piece. Which I can do. But it's really really pared down. Like, I'm essentially expanding a hug to encompass 1000+ words while working in the basic plotline of the original fic.


In other news, I'm actually really curious about what story MY remixer is doing. I always feel slightly guilty come remix time - I write SO MUCH porn. I mean, even the plotty stories are porntastic. And kinked out. I love me some kink fic, sometimes only for the challenge of writing it. But that doesn't mean I don't sympathize with the remixer who's probably not all that interested in remixing victorian vampires and their shocking electro-stim funtiems (if you see what I did thar).

So, if you are remixing me this year and you stop by to read this, I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE FOR ALL THE PORN. And it's not often that I'm willing to say that.
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Remix time! I love Remix time! Except when I don't - I mean I do but there's a certain lack of excitement right now. I've got my assignment and I've picked my story but it was sort of a by default as almost all the others are terribly 'shippy fluff and we've met me. I'm neither 'shippy nor fluffy but if I were, it would not be this 'ship nor this fluff. I'm not saying the stories are bad. Far from it.

But there's no way I can remix them without HOLY SWEET FANCY MOSES getting rid of at least one of the characters. And that is quite against the rules. Luckily I found a tiny itsy-bitsy little wee story off in a corner that seems very amenable to being remixed a la the comics.

Now, I just have write the bloody thing...
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Characters: Darla, Spike, Tara

Rating: PG

Summary: "Anyways, Angelus figures he can snap enough necks at this Wolfram & Hart to get you fixed up proper." How Darla doesn't get rid of the chip. Alternate Reality.

Original Story: Full Course Meal by Alixtii

A/N: This story was written for Remix Duello 2010, a remix that allows authors to pick the story they want to see remixed.

The original story is a series of scenes, or "courses", set in an alternate reality where Darla, not Spike, is captured and chipped by The Initiative. This is a "missing scene" remix that could fall between the cracks of this alternate reality.

He's never had any respect. Not for her, not for the order, and it barely matters that he is blood of her blood... )
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I'm probably one of the more vocal remixers. When I read other remixers journals during remix, they don't bitch nearly as much as I do about the process. I can't tell if they're really cool or if I'm way overdramatic.

I suspect it may be a bit both.

My remix angst, remixed )
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Characters: Angel, mentions of Angel(us)/Darla & the Fanged Four

Rating: R

Summary: Even the dead have to move on. A small box, a trapped vampire, and a few lifetime's worth of memories - good and bad.

A/N: Remixes have gone live, so here's mine! Thanks to [ profile] anxiety_junkie for all her hard work and dedication. Spoilers for Angel comics up to issue #31

Original Story: A Painful Birth by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni

He tries not to sleep. Not that he's afraid of missing much... )
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So, remember how last year I was all OMG I AM REMIXING AN EPICLY EPIC EPIC AND HOW AM I GOING TO CONDENSE A BAJILLION WORDS INTO A WORKABLE STORY OF LESS THAN THAT? Yeah, I don't have that problem this year. See? I learn from my mistakes.

AND GO ON TO MAKE TOTALLY NEW AND ORIGINAL ONES. The only story I could find that appealed to me because I'm a picky between 300 and 400 words. From that, I have to make a story of NOT LESS than 1000 words. Yeah. New and interesting times. Remind me of this part next year, yes? Not more than eleventy hundred words and not less than, oh, say, 500. Promise?

A procrastinatory poem, written while at the library today )
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So, the remix authors have been revealed and I wrote Unsalvageable (The Hell in a Handbasket Remix). A great big thank you to [ profile] liz_marcs for being so gracious in her Dear Remixer letter. She basically opened her archive and said "Have at it!". I don't think I can say enough positive things about her for promising not to be mad. That said, I'm thrilled at what a positive response my remix received. [ profile] liz_marcs' comment was thoughtful, gracious and incredibly supportive. I couldn't have asked for a better author to remix.

Can you remix without losing your mind? I'm still not sure. )
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Title: Unsalvageable (The Hell in a Handbasket Remix)
Summary: Faith ends up in L.A. after the fall with the ghost of her former Watcher and a friend obsessed with setting things right.
Rating: R
Spoilers and/or Warnings: Spoilers for Angel: After the Fall comics to #9 and Buffy: Season 8 comics to #11. Small bits of dialogue taken from same.
Author's Notes: Well, the jig is up! Here's my remix. Many thanks to [ profile] anxiety_junkie for beta-reading and hand-holding.
Original Story: Ishmael Sings of the White Whale by [ profile] liz_marcs

Unsalvageable (The Hell in a Handbasket Remix) )


Jul. 20th, 2009 01:54 pm
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It's finally open. [ profile] remixredux09 is open for business and there many, many awesome Buffy and Angel stories to be found. You can click through the Buffy and Angel fandom tags to get an idea of what awesomeness is about. Plus, I'd love to hear some guesses (not you, [ profile] anxiety_junkie. Your guesses don't count!) on which story you guys think is mine.

But, I can share with you the super sweet remix that was done based on one of my stories: Eternal(The Love Never Dies Remix) based on my story: Call of Death.

Go. Frolic. Enjoy the awesome stories contain therein. Comment, so us anonyfolks can get a secret squee that our hard work is being enjoyed.


Jul. 7th, 2009 10:32 pm
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My remix is finished. It came in at a smish over 4100 words, which seems like a lot until you know the size of the story I was remixing. Let us say that it was somewhere between a one-shot and epic word count of doom. I've sent it off to my fabtastic beta. I will be posting it to the remix comm (just) by the deadline of July 12.


As a side note, the rules say I can't post my remix to my journal until July 26. However, I will be posting it here along with some story art I made with the lovely raw material I got from [ profile] noandwhere as soon as the anonymous posting rules no longer apply. I'm a little nervous, but hopefully the original author and all of you enjoy the story I put together!


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