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Characters: Spike, The Borg Queen

Rating: R

Summary: “Right,” Spike replied skeptically. “And all this order comes from what, exactly? This collection of bits and bobs?”

A/N: Written for the [ profile] fangfetish Unique Universes and Fandoms Challenge. This takes place in the temporary alternate universe created during "Star Trek: First Contact" when the Borg traveled back in time to assimilate the human race. All sources are cited in Part 1 which can be found HERE.

EDIT: Some dialogue taken from the movie "Star Trek: First Contact". *facepalm*. Also, since some people were unclear on the plotline, I've done a bit of revising, so we'll stamp this one: REVISED..

Temporal Mechanics Is Not My Specialty... )
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Characters: Spike, The Borg

Rating: R

Warnings: Crossover obscura, adult language

Summary: “Right,” Spike nodded. “Assimilated. That some sort of code for a handy dandy make-over that turns me into spare parts? No thanks, mate. Try a few doors down. Coupla corpses there, they might welcome a new look.”

A/N: This fic could not have been written and wouldn't have been written without some fabulous input from [profile] raemcn  ,[personal profile] tamakin  and everyone Tam bugged on my behalf. Thank you so much. In addition, all Star Trek facts were verified at the following websites:

Wikipedia (Borg Cube size, Star Trek Timeline, Colonel Green and the Optimum Movement)

Unimatrix 01 (Assimilation procedures)

Memory Alpha (general Star Trek facts)

For information on vampire physiology and why it might be possible for a vampire to be assimilated, go to [personal profile] thatotherperv  's fabulous metas on Buffyverse Science and Vampire physiology.

A/N The Sequel: Written for the [profile] fangfetish  Unique Universes and Fandoms Challenge.


Apr. 18th, 2007 11:17 pm
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For [personal profile] missus_grace , who wanted to see Chakotay get Spiked!


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