Buffy #36

Sep. 3rd, 2010 10:00 pm
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Holy Motherfucking EEP!

When I saw the titles of the revies for this comic over at Herald, I was immediately disheartened. The end of fandom, evil, blah blah blee in a handbasket.

But I had to read it. Couldn't not read it. Wasn't ready to miss it.

You know what? It was awesome.

I'm not invested in a 'ship. I like and have written tons of different relationships - Spike and Buffy, Spike and Angel, Spike and Xander, Buffy and Angel and Xander, Spike and Xander and Angelus and Willow, plus who knows how many variations based solely on my kinked out nonsense. Buffy falling for Angel (still or again or WHATEVER) doesn't wreck my 'ship. Although, Spike sussing out Angel's ridiculous "Stand Aside - I'm a HERO" plans make me love them both a bit more. No matter how this ends, I will still find a story to tell (unless grad school eats my brain first).

Most of the complaints that I saw about this comic centered on Buffy not caring about Spike. I don't think that's true. I think she didn't fulfill the Spuffy fantasy of immediately abandoning everything and everyone to live a magically eternal carefree existence with Spike. And you know what? She didn't do it for Angel, either.

I've got some faith in Joss. I won't say I've enjoyed every storyline of this season. I didn't enjoy a few of the storylines from the first seven seasons. I probably won't enjoy other storylines in the future. But the plane and the old-fashioned Spike snark and Buffy being all "Bad Spike. No Slayer!"?

It. Was. Awesome.


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