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Characters: Angel, Wesley, Spike

Rating: R

Summary: Even knowing the fall never really happened, he still looks for Wesley’s ghost. Even after he makes his escape, Angel's never really free.

A/N: A bit of an oblique follow-on from my remix Moving On (The Everything Old is New Again Remix) for my bestest beta [ profile] anxiety_junkie who asked for Angel/Wes. I hope this gets at least close and thanks so much for all you've done for me over the years!

Posted for prompt #36-memory on my [ profile] 50ficlets table. Feel free to suggest pairings or ideas for the other 49 prompts!

He can hear Spike pacing in the hallway... )
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Pairing: Wesley/Angelus

Rating: NC-17

Summary: He closes his eyes because it’s too late to count the cost. Besides, if his purity had been worth saving, surely the Powers That Be would have sent down a vision? Saved him from himself? Perhaps not. Set during AtS S4 episode "Salvage".

A/N: Written for LittlestYo, who was my highest Sweet Charity bidder. Zhe requested "Wesley/Angel(us?) (in whatever timeframe of the show feels right). One-sided, Wesley with his unrequited feelings/hero-worship/etc.. What I'd especially love is Angelus, and seeing him torment Wesley with the fact that Angel KNOWS and only feigns obliviousness out of kindness." I hope I've fulfilled your request and I truly hope you enjoy this.

Sometimes it’s so easy to see how he got here... )
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Pairing: Spike/Angel

Rating: R

Summary: He can remember all their befores.... Angel thinks about his relationship with Spike.

A/N: Set in the beginning of AtS S5 and written for a request made by [ profile] fajrdrako as part of Fall Fandom Free-For-All. This is a sestina masquerading as a ficlet and hopefully, I haven't made a hash of it.

What the fuck does Spike know about love? )
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Pairing: Spike/Lindsey

Rating: NC-17

Summary: “Maybe you’re right,” he whispers, his voice lullaby-gentle and candy-sweet. “Maybe I am angry at bein’ Angel’s stunt double. It’s why you used me, innit? Little bit of payback for the old man, yeah? Take his blue-eyed boy and give’im the star treatment, and you’d get first place for once.”

A/N: Written for [ profile] ash_carpenter as thank you for her wonderful Faith/Wes story Grudge. She asked for Spike/Lindsey grudgefucking and I hope this fills the bill. I'm also shamefully late, as she requested this back in March. However, I will plead absent muse as Lindsey is not one of my normal characters. Takes place in Angel S5, during the episode "Power Play".

They leave the room one by one... )
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Here's a little something for SpankSpike to cheer up those sickie blues.

Title: The Name of the Game
Pairing: Spike/Multiple Other Characters
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: semi-non-con, slash, bondage, and other dirty goodness.
Disclaimer: Yadda, yadda, yadda, ME and Joss, yackety schmackety, not mine, blah blah blah, for fun only...


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