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Title: Wounded

Characters: Spike, Angel

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The cost of death is measured by the anguish of those the dead love best.... After Buffy's death, Spike talks and Angel listens. Set between the lines of BtVS s5/6 and AtS s2/3.

A/N: Many, many thanks to my dearest beta (who I tragically and mistakenly forgot to thank over at Homecoming and that is BAD AND I SUCK. I'M SORRY!) [ profile] anxiety_junkie. She is awesomer than awesome and devotes her precious weekend time to reading my angst and translating it to real words. I owe her (and that means happier fic, soon. Soon-ish. Sometime soon. Well,maybe neutrally hopeful fic. Let's not rush me) for all her hard work.

The whiskey bottle’s in easy reach and it takes a few swallows before the pain starts to mellow... )
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Characters: Spike

Rating: PG-13

Summary: She’s given him a clean slate, forgiven him more than he ought to be forgiven. So why can’t he do the same?

A/N: Blast from the past and in more ways than one. Fifth in my series of unseen moments just before the fall of Sunnydale. Takes place between Touched and End of Days. Previous stories in the series are here, but it's not necessary to read the entire series. Inspired by the opening hymn used during early Vespers services, Psalm 140.

in thee have I put my trust, take not away my soul )
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Characters: Xander, Faith

Rating: PG-13

Summary: A lovable fuzzy puppet as an agent of evil, bent on securing Hell on Earth through catchy songs about manners and nifty cartoon shorts with ladybugs? That’s crazy talk, even by Hellmouth standards.

A/N: Fourth in my series of shorts focusing on the unseen moments before the fall of Sunnydale. The first three stories are Matins, Lauds, and Prime. However, each story can be read as standalone piece.

You always play with your wood on the porch? )
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Characters: Andrew, Spike, Faith

Rating: PG-13

Summary: He knows that voice. The evil Slayer, as dark as her sister Slayer is bright; and of all the cemeteries in the world she’s in his.

A/N: Based heavily (which is to say entirely) on Buffy Season 8 comics canon and a tish bit on Angel: After the Fall. Set in a possible/AU future where Faith and Giles are now actively working against Buffy and the Scoobies with the help of a now-released from Hell-A Spike. Andrew is an official Watcher with many Slayers under his command. I won't say there are spoilers here, but if you have not read the comics, you may (like my fabulous beta, [ profile] noandwhere) be a tish bit confused.

Revenge of the Author's Note: This entire story was inspired by a comment I made over [ profile] fanficrants based on a horrible "Who gets the girl, Spike or Angel?" summary, only the original had less punctuation and worse spelling. I said that the horrible cliched plot summary made me want to write a story where Andrew gets the girl. So after much encouragement, I did.

What brings you to this lonely corner of Death and Desolation? )
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Characters: Buffy, mentions of Spike/Buffy and Buffy/Angel

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The photo rests against the mirror and she reaches for it, her fingers idly caressing the thin paper edges. After a chance meeting, Buffy reflects on the men she loves...

A/N: This was born in part from the James/Sarah Michelle photo taken at the Paley Reunion and encouraged by the discussions on Spuffy at [ profile] girlpire's journal. And a thank you to [ profile] clawofcat for the many characterization discussions we've been having. They really keep me on my toes...

NOTE: This is post-comics canon but knowledge of the comics isn't necessary. It's just my interpretation of an older Buffy and how she might react to Spike after all that time...

It's Tuesday. She thinks it's Tuesday... )
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Characters: Spike, The Borg Queen

Rating: R

Summary: “Right,” Spike replied skeptically. “And all this order comes from what, exactly? This collection of bits and bobs?”

A/N: Written for the [ profile] fangfetish Unique Universes and Fandoms Challenge. This takes place in the temporary alternate universe created during "Star Trek: First Contact" when the Borg traveled back in time to assimilate the human race. All sources are cited in Part 1 which can be found HERE.

EDIT: Some dialogue taken from the movie "Star Trek: First Contact". *facepalm*. Also, since some people were unclear on the plotline, I've done a bit of revising, so we'll stamp this one: REVISED..

Temporal Mechanics Is Not My Specialty... )
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Characters: Spike, The Borg

Rating: R

Warnings: Crossover obscura, adult language

Summary: “Right,” Spike nodded. “Assimilated. That some sort of code for a handy dandy make-over that turns me into spare parts? No thanks, mate. Try a few doors down. Coupla corpses there, they might welcome a new look.”

A/N: This fic could not have been written and wouldn't have been written without some fabulous input from [profile] raemcn  ,[personal profile] tamakin  and everyone Tam bugged on my behalf. Thank you so much. In addition, all Star Trek facts were verified at the following websites:

Wikipedia (Borg Cube size, Star Trek Timeline, Colonel Green and the Optimum Movement)

Unimatrix 01 (Assimilation procedures)

Memory Alpha (general Star Trek facts)

For information on vampire physiology and why it might be possible for a vampire to be assimilated, go to [personal profile] thatotherperv  's fabulous metas on Buffyverse Science and Vampire physiology.

A/N The Sequel: Written for the [profile] fangfetish  Unique Universes and Fandoms Challenge.

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Characters: Spike, Angel, Gunn, Illyria

Rating: PG

A/N: The best part of writing fanfiction is the opportunity to explore the characters' interior lives. This is my version of Spike's thoughts during the final scene of "Not Fade Away" Written for [ profile] decade_of_spike, posted here for my memories.

A/N II: Lines taken from the AtS S5 ep "Not Fade Away", John Milton's "Paradise Lost", WIlliam Ernest Henley's "Invictus", Lord Alfred Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade" and Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities"

Sufficient to have stood... )
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Characters: Dawn, Xander, Giles, Miss Calendar

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Written for the [profile] dawn_all_along ficathon. Con/Crit practically begged for, as I'm pretty darn uncertain about the quality on this one.

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Pairing: Angel, Spike

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Written for [personal profile] selene2's banner at [profile] indigo_crypt, Set just after the end of AtS S5 episode "You're Welcome"...

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Written for the [community profile] writerconuk  BannerGrab challenge based on [personal profile] bogwitch 's banner.

Characters to be included: Illyria
Preferred rating: Not fussed.
Season/episode: Not picky.
Must Have: a betrayal
Can't Have: first person writing

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Pairing: Faith/?

Rating: R

A/N: I have the next chapter of  "And Roads Covered With Blood" written, but I want to wait until after my vacation to post it. It needs a thorough editing which is something I can't do when I'm running as much as I am now. Also have my "Three Little Words" challenge entry written, but again, it needs a deep down editorial scrub. So instead I'll hand you this sop. Just a bit of AU/AR inspired by the last little bit of BtVS S7 ep. "Chosen". Feel free to slam this one...I'm  not entirely happy with it.

Summary: Faith writes a farewell letter before the big battle.
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Character: Angel

Rating: Eh...R, maybe? A few naughty words, but mostly just adult themes.

A/N: Written for [personal profile] selene2  's Angel/Angelus Banner. Partially inspired by Taliesin's "The Battle of Goddeu", because if you're going to steal and then shamelessly pervert, always do it from the best. This takes place in between AtS S4/S5, after Angel takes command of Wolfram&Hart but before he goes to Sunnydale with the amulet.

Cross posted to [profile] indigo_crypt  

Because knowing is... )
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Pairing: Spike, Dawn

Rating: PG-13 for a mild bit of adult language and themes

A/N: Written for the [profile] darker_spike fic challenge. Inspired by [personal profile] fanbot's "Bend it like Buffy" manip


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