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1. I got my remix assignment. Oy. This could go awesome or crash and burn. Business as usual than!

2. I am super effing busy at work. Somehow the Director has got it into her head that I should be her unpaid personal assistant. This is yay! because it increases my chances of landing an actual paid position there and/or my chances of doing my social work internship there. However, this is BOO! because I am not fucking paid and dealing with her is a job.

3. REMIXOMG --- [ profile] anxiety_junkie, hold me!

4. Also, I'm not interested in being an administrative assistant. Yes, I'm good at it. I'm good at most things. Doesn't mean I'm interested in them.

5. My son is cleaning the litter box (Ed.- Oh yeah, we got a cat. We. WE. Ha! THEY got a cat. A cat who, naturally, adores me. NATURALLY.) and he just called in to the house to inform us that he knows why the litter box smells. It's all the big chunks of poo.

I am laughing so hard I'm crying.

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A few things before I head off to work:

1.) FIC IS COMING. [ profile] anxiety_junkie has turned her lovely hands (and even lovelier mind, which when I say it out loud is a bit eww) to my sad little Faith kink thing, so I'll do the final tidying tonight and post it, thus finally getting out of my head and managing not to drop out of kink bingo entirely.

2.) Almost finished with The Tudors. Even though I did skip most of S2...what?? I have a huge embarrassment squick and Anne Boleyn was working herself up to the ULTIMATE public humilation: execution. I couldn't watch. But the upcoming Anne of Cleves bit is almost killing me even more. Plus the inevitable downfall of Cromwell...It's almost too much to handle for me. We'll see.

3.) Speaking of, I just had the most bizarre Tudors crossover idea EVER. Henry the VII and Anne of Green Gables. I got a quick mental flash of Jonathon Creepy-Eyes and Megan Fallowes as a couple and it all snowballed from there. It's a SICKNESS - don't judge.

Off to work now, tralala. At there's cappucino over there.
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I swear, I keep meaning to post. It's like a whole writing avoidance disease with me. If only I could get someone else to do all the actual work of typing and posting and possibly living my life for me. That would make all of this so much easier.

I'm half-heartedly tooling around with a Faith masturbation kink fic, and it is very half-hearted. I started it March 13th and I'm only 283 words into it. So much for bringing it back.

Mostly I'm waiting for something awesome to wander into my head. I have a ton of WiPs but none I'm panting to write. So, for now, they stay slightly unfinished. I haven't had a single ficlet idea for the challenge. Well, one vague slightly lame one focused on Spike's thoughts on Connor and Angel set during Issue #29, but I couldn't get more than three sentences into that one before throwing up my hands. It'll come or it won't. In the meantime, I'm doggedly pushing through The Tudors in an effort not to be creeped out by Jonathon Henry Creeperton the Eighth.

I don't even understand why I'm watching it. Except for the train wreck value, it's the worst show I've ever seen (AND I WATCH TORCHWOOD, YA'LL). The history is fucked, the acting is somewhere between soap opera and Sham!Wow bad, and seriously? I'm terrified of the actor who plays the King. He has serial killer eyes. He's probably an adorable kitten cuddler and this may make him the world's greatest actor, but mostly it a giant disturb-a-thon THAT I CAN'T STOP WATCHING OMG.

Also, I got a volunteer position at the local FFSC (Fleet and Family Support Center) where I do such monumentally rewarding and fulfilling things as shred documents and answer phones. It's a start. Plus I'm applying to grad school and I need some killer references (I already have killer grades). So hopefully in about FOUR YEARS I'll be a licensed Social Worker.

Also also, I signed up for this year's Remix Redux. Mostly because I had so much fun panicking last year and I can't bear to give that kind of frantic insanity up. Plus, I think my remix was probably one of the best stories I've ever written ever and I'm hoping to hit that again. Of course, this could all blow up in my face, leading to my tragic internet death. But, no pressure, right [ profile] anxiety_junkie?

Questions? Comments? Picspams of sexy Buffyverse folk? Bring it!


Jan. 11th, 2010 11:14 pm
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So, I've decided that I don't have enough on my plate, ficwise. After all, I only have TWO WiPs and one abandoned story plus these INSANE fic ideas for other fandoms (in addition to the Nixon-centric Band of Brothers drabble, I have a post-CoE Jack-centric ficlet that is bugging the ever-loving heck out of me) and a REALLY skeevy PWP based on Trespass Sweetly Urged, my only f-locked fic. That's not to mention my actual real life, my determined goal to bring the kink back, and incidentals like participating in art challenges.

Since that clearly doesn't keep me busy enough, I've signed up for [ profile] 50ficlets. I've taken this table and I've committed (and indeed I should be) to writing FIFTY (FIVE ZERO OMG) ficlets based on the Angel comics canon. I'm mad. I want putting away. I also need to write this darn Torchwood fic before I start seeing Jack Harkness in my dreams. HEY WAI...

So, update me flisties! Give it to me. I wanna hear about shenanigans, crazy random happenstances, and DEFINITELY those monkeyshines from last weekend. Fill me in.


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