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So, I did a little entry for the [ profile] sparkandburn collage challenge. I like incorporating typographical elements into my art and this was a fun challenge - trying fit the required elements into the design rather than designing around the required elements.

After I posted it, I started thinking about doing something similar for Xander. He's probably the most flexible character, in terms of identity. Certainly he's played a wider variety of roles than the others and I decided to do a few collages based on those roles. All the text is from Xander's dialogue during the relevent episodes: The Wish, Halloween, The Pack, and Potentials.

So, here's a quartet of collages In The Key of X: )
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Title My Only Hate

Rating R

Characters/Pairing Faith, Buffy

A/N Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hates leads to suffering and these two certainly suffered. Text from BtVS S3 episode Graduation and Romeo and Juliet.

Title Darla's Folly

Rating R

Characters/Pairing Angelus, Darla

A/N Angelus and Darla took a wrong turn and ended up in Pride and Prejudice instead of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Pride and Prejudice and VAMPIRES, darn it. Text modified from Pride and Prejudice.

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Okay, so...I haven't posted in awhile. I was working almost exclusively on my [ profile] remixredux09 entry and I did manage to finish. Since that was so exhausting, I've mainly been doodling around in PS (and working, slowly but surely, on the next chapter of Improvising Atonement which I may or may not have started writing back in JANUARY, for cripes sake).

I got a lot of inspiration from [ profile] still_grrr's music prompt and hopefully I'll get a chance to post these there. Plus, a certain adorable user who shall remain nameless in part because she changed her name and I can't remember the new one sent me some very inspiring files. I hope she enjoys what I did with them.

Text from Take this Waltz by Leonard Cohen, which I think is probably the best Spike/Drusilla song that could ever be.

Text from Save me by Jem.

Art courtesy of Buffy S8 comics: Long Way Home, Episode 2 and Long Way Home, Episode 4, Text from Fall/Back by Obadiah Parker.


Feb. 25th, 2009 08:21 am
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So I was working on a few submissions to [ profile] good_evil's art-a-thon. Except I think they're not very inspirational. I got a bit carried away in the playing with PS part and sort of stopped caring about the telling a story part. So I'll just post the rejects here (I did submit one banner!), mostly because I had so much fun making them.

They're all worksafe. Just click through to make the previews bigger!


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