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Pairing: Spike, Angel

Rating: PG

Summary: He can’t imagine Angel listening to anyone long enough to really be any help. Might not have time left to do his hair. How a call gets connected.

Original Story: Dial N for Nancy-Boy by [ profile] deird1

A/N: Created for the Remix Madness 'Thon/Fest/Thing

Souled or not, he hasn’t had any kind words for Spike... )
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Characters: Spike, Angel

Rating: PG-13

Summary: And there it is. All laid out for him in pretty wrappings – the weight of his soul, all Angel-shaped and broody. Spoilers for the comics up to issue #36.

A/N: Posted for prompt #37-missing on my [ profile] 50ficlets table. Inspired more by the recent Buffy comic than anything - I like the idea of Spike's soul stuck in a co-dependent relationship.

Feel free to suggest pairings or ideas for the other 47 prompts!

He doesn’t need a reflection to tell him what he already knows... )
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Characters: Angel, Wesley, Spike

Rating: R

Summary: Even knowing the fall never really happened, he still looks for Wesley’s ghost. Even after he makes his escape, Angel's never really free.

A/N: A bit of an oblique follow-on from my remix Moving On (The Everything Old is New Again Remix) for my bestest beta [ profile] anxiety_junkie who asked for Angel/Wes. I hope this gets at least close and thanks so much for all you've done for me over the years!

Posted for prompt #36-memory on my [ profile] 50ficlets table. Feel free to suggest pairings or ideas for the other 49 prompts!

He can hear Spike pacing in the hallway... )
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Characters: Angel, mentions of Angel(us)/Darla & the Fanged Four

Rating: R

Summary: Even the dead have to move on. A small box, a trapped vampire, and a few lifetime's worth of memories - good and bad.

A/N: Remixes have gone live, so here's mine! Thanks to [ profile] anxiety_junkie for all her hard work and dedication. Spoilers for Angel comics up to issue #31

Original Story: A Painful Birth by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni

He tries not to sleep. Not that he's afraid of missing much... )
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I can't believe how much I enjoy this show. I haven't seen some of these episodes in awhile and rewatching them has given me a new appreciation for both the show and the characters. I'd forgotten the nuances of expression, and the delicate shading of tone, that first captured my attention and made this my first (and thus far, only) fandom.

So, in honor of my rediscovered love for this show and its awesomosity, two 100-word drabbles on my favorite Season Two love triangle: Spike, Drusilla, and their obsession with Angel. Also a brief (slightly spoiler-y) nod to my second-favorite love: the comics canon.

That Anne Rice Routine )


Are you lost? )
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Title: Homecoming

Pairing: Angel/Spike/Drusilla

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Coming back from Hell isn't always a release from the torment. Drusilla, Angel and Spike attempt to connect and exorcise their ghosts in the only way they know how. Comics canon compliant through Angel: Aftermath #25. Mild spoilers through the same.

A/N: This was my attempt to bring the kink back. It took a month to write and I got tangled in characterization while I was trying to get their freak on. OH PORN! HOW COULD YOU DO ME THUSLY? The first person to pun that will get an actual PwP of their choosing, subject to my own squicks and ability to write chosen characters/situations.

Do you remember, Angelus, how we played when we were in tune? )
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Title: Unsalvageable (The Hell in a Handbasket Remix)
Summary: Faith ends up in L.A. after the fall with the ghost of her former Watcher and a friend obsessed with setting things right.
Rating: R
Spoilers and/or Warnings: Spoilers for Angel: After the Fall comics to #9 and Buffy: Season 8 comics to #11. Small bits of dialogue taken from same.
Author's Notes: Well, the jig is up! Here's my remix. Many thanks to [ profile] anxiety_junkie for beta-reading and hand-holding.
Original Story: Ishmael Sings of the White Whale by [ profile] liz_marcs

Unsalvageable (The Hell in a Handbasket Remix) )
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Pairing: Angel, Spike

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Written for [personal profile] selene2's banner at [profile] indigo_crypt, Set just after the end of AtS S5 episode "You're Welcome"...


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