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Characters: Spike, Angel

Rating: PG-13

Summary: And there it is. All laid out for him in pretty wrappings – the weight of his soul, all Angel-shaped and broody. Spoilers for the comics up to issue #36.

A/N: Posted for prompt #37-missing on my [ profile] 50ficlets table. Inspired more by the recent Buffy comic than anything - I like the idea of Spike's soul stuck in a co-dependent relationship.

Feel free to suggest pairings or ideas for the other 47 prompts!

He doesn’t need a reflection to tell him what he already knows... )
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Characters: Spike

Rating: PG-13

Summary: He’s got a basket full of kittens, an office full of novice poker players, and a source that might have some information on Angel. What Spike's doing while Angel is missing. Spoilers for the comics up to issue #32.

A/N: Posted for prompt #25-poker on my [ profile] 50ficlets table. And for [ profile] anxiety_junkie who suggested Spike and his kittens. I didn't make it all the way to the actual game, but I hope you'll like anyways.

Feel free to suggest pairings or ideas for the other 48 prompts!

Time to distract the kiddies, then... )
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Characters: Angel, Wesley, Spike

Rating: R

Summary: Even knowing the fall never really happened, he still looks for Wesley’s ghost. Even after he makes his escape, Angel's never really free.

A/N: A bit of an oblique follow-on from my remix Moving On (The Everything Old is New Again Remix) for my bestest beta [ profile] anxiety_junkie who asked for Angel/Wes. I hope this gets at least close and thanks so much for all you've done for me over the years!

Posted for prompt #36-memory on my [ profile] 50ficlets table. Feel free to suggest pairings or ideas for the other 49 prompts!

He can hear Spike pacing in the hallway... )


Jan. 11th, 2010 11:14 pm
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So, I've decided that I don't have enough on my plate, ficwise. After all, I only have TWO WiPs and one abandoned story plus these INSANE fic ideas for other fandoms (in addition to the Nixon-centric Band of Brothers drabble, I have a post-CoE Jack-centric ficlet that is bugging the ever-loving heck out of me) and a REALLY skeevy PWP based on Trespass Sweetly Urged, my only f-locked fic. That's not to mention my actual real life, my determined goal to bring the kink back, and incidentals like participating in art challenges.

Since that clearly doesn't keep me busy enough, I've signed up for [ profile] 50ficlets. I've taken this table and I've committed (and indeed I should be) to writing FIFTY (FIVE ZERO OMG) ficlets based on the Angel comics canon. I'm mad. I want putting away. I also need to write this darn Torchwood fic before I start seeing Jack Harkness in my dreams. HEY WAI...

So, update me flisties! Give it to me. I wanna hear about shenanigans, crazy random happenstances, and DEFINITELY those monkeyshines from last weekend. Fill me in.
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#01 - Curse #02 - Blessing #03 - Sweet #04 - Sour #05 - Breakfast
#06 - Beginning #07 - Small #08 - Breathe #09 - Mind #10 - Tall
#11 - Body #12 - Partner #13 - Dinner #14 - Surface #15 - Hunt
#16 - Ashes #17 - Soul #18 - Run #19 - Hold #20 - Share
#21 - Drive #22 - Night #23 - Feet #24 - Fingers #25 - Poker
#26 - Taste #27 - Scent #28 - End #29 - Stripe #30 - Clothes
#31 - Leather #32 - Abandoned #33 - Hand #34 - Dream #35 - Unknown
#36 - Memory #37 - Missing #38 - Gift #39 - Supernatural #40 - Awe
#41 - Fight #42 - Take #43 - Myth #44 - Lord #45 - Royalty
#46 - Back #47 - Forward #48 - Whimper #49 - Enemies #50 - Whisper


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