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This is painful. I have 50 words to go and this is like pulling teeth, y'all.

Random y'all aside: I saw a sign yesterday - lovely fresco done by a local Italian company - that said "Ciao Y'all". My husband would not let me buy it. He clearly sucks. That sign was AWESOME OMG.

This is Spike and Dru. Comics Spike and Dru. How is this hard for me? I actually think I know why - both this fic and the comics posit that at some point Spike ends up being totally over Dru and I just can't brain that.

In my head canon, Spike and Dru are always a part of each other - sometimes together, sometimes not, but indissolubly bound. I write Angel the same way: unable to be with them, but unable to stop loving them. It's very much in the model of the family experience of addicts and abusers - people you love do bad things and become people you cannot live with, but you don't stop loving them.

So this "I've let so many things go" bit messes me around like whoa. Which may explain why I am still 50 EFFING WORDS SHORT OF THE GOAL.

Random Link: I do not know HOW they managed it, but this Little Pony looks EXACTLY like Captain Jack Harkness. ADORABLE.

on 2011-04-18 03:59 pm (UTC)
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Mmm, yeah. I've been trying to work out some semi-comics Spike, Dru, and Buffy, and I don't think he'd ever wash his hands of Dru. I can see it sort of sliding into a more fraternal sort of relationship (what is the word for brother/sister affection anyway?), rather than an overtly erotic one. How Dru feels about it depends on a lot of factors, including soul or no. I'm having a tough time getting it right, so you have my sympathy.

on 2011-04-18 04:09 pm (UTC)
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Oh thank goodness! I thought maybe it was just me. I just cannot see Spike being over it. He's not like that and I think that's where I'm getting tripped up - Spike might play a BAMF, but completely washing his hands of someone he's loved? I can't brain it AT ALL.

However, I'm getting closer. I'm now 11 words away from the minimum word count - 11 lousy words I can't find anywhere, but still. Closer is closer.


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